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Hot Steam Washer
Ideal to hire along with a pressure washer or with your own machine
Transforms any power washer into a hot steam washer / hot power hose
Combined with a cold pressure washer, this simple in-line hot box provides very hot water at high pressure
The Maxflow Hotbox is an electrically-powered diesel boiler
used to heat cold water up to 150 C. It is suited to many
applications, particularly in agriculture, livestock industries
swimming pools, etc. where hot water enables more
effective cleaning, given that at least 15 bar is provided
Recommended Application: Commercial
Easy adaption to any cold water machine
Adjustable thermostat
Automatic stop
Flow switch
Safety valve
On-board diesel tank
Robust industrial frame design
The Hotbox is designed with a 3/8′ coil, a stainless-steel
cover and steel base to ensure durability, and complete with
30L fuel tank with level The diesel pump is directly coupled
to the fan from the fan motor housing.
The Hotbox promises high performance with low power
consumption operating from a standard 240v socket and
meeting all European gas emissions regulations
Easy to manoeuvre

Pricing for Hot Box – Hot Steam Washer
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£ £25 £50 £75 £
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